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    My blog is located at
    With the most recent release, my mobile drop-down menu has COMPLETELY disappeared. Additionally, the aspect of the entire top bar is off. My logo is now too big, and the entire menu looks bad. Can I revert to the previous version or fix the menu? This is pretty urgent, as it’s impossible to navigate on the site with this error.


    Hey jtuselton,

    Did you do any customisations to the header/menu at all. Maybe you can try to revert and then do the update on a staging site instead?

    Best regards,

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    No, I made no changes. I made the update to my theme and the mistakes happened.


    This didn’t work. I still have no mobile navigation. Please assist.



    Have you reverted it to 4.0.7 as Rikard suggested? I can still see you are still using 4.1.1 (link in private content)

    Best regards,


    I can’t revert back. The information he provided won’t allow it, and I cannot upload two versions of the same theme file.


    Nikko, that isn’t helping me, unfortunately. I’m not very technical, and the only way I’ve altered FTP is through BlueHost. He is doing it through items on the desktop, and the video explain how to get those files, where they are, why they’re on the desktop, etc…


    Hi jtuselton,

    If Nikko’s suggestion seems like to much for you, you might want to hire a freelancer to do it for you.

    Best regards,


    I reverted back, and the problem persists. I re-updated to the newer version, as I lose content by reverted back to my previous save.


    Is there no shortcode or something that can be provided to fix the issue?



    Can we request for temporary admin and ftp access? so we can try to check it. Also are you using a child theme? and made some changes on the header?

    Best regards,

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