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    We have been running with no problems, for a year or more. Today, we moved one item in the menu system from a sub menu third level to a sub menu second level.

    We have a first and second level menu

    We had approximately 250 menu selections in varying sub menu configurations. We now have 90 in the first and 90 in the second.

    When we add a menu (drag in the old one to rebuild our menus) the bottom one is always removed.

    Our tech found this post. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -items but it deals with a windows server.


    The solution

    The way to resolve it is to amend the suhosin settings in your php.ini file. If you’ve gone blank by now then you just need to contact your hosting providers support department and ask for the following to be updated: = 5000

    suhosin.request.max_vars = 5000

    After this update you’ll easily be able to add further menu items in WordPress – appearance – menus.


    I am contacting our host to see if they made any changes today that would cause this because it has worked right along.

    Appreciate any thoughts and help on this. I will continue to report our progress so it can help others.


    Ok more data.

    Our hosting company is unwilling to make any changes to the server (shared server) we expected that.

    When we switch to the standard themes all the menus come back.

    So it appears to be related to the Newscast theme. The thing is we did not change any of the theme files recently. We hacked the index.php more than a year ago to make the slider access pages, so we change the reference number from time to time manually to alter the slider. I checked this file against a backup version from a year ago and it looks fine.

    All worked fine till we moved one menu selection, then we dropped to 90 on first and 90 on second menu. The last menu change was 2 weeks ago it worked fine like it always does.


    By the way, we are willing to switch to a more modern theme.

    However we like the Newscast theme very much the 2 levels of menus, the sliders. Our site is a chamber of commerce style site and it just has worked very well. It is a little slow, we would like it a bit faster. It may not be optimized for SEO or hand held devices, that would be nice to.

    If we do switch, the support here has been very good. We would like to stay with Kriesi.

    We must solve this problem ASAP.



    Sorry for the delay. I will report this back to Kriesi and the rest of the support team.

    Can you give us a link to your site?




    Sorry I should have put that in the first posting.

    Also we installed this quite some time ago, could be two years, I know more than one and a half. Have there been theme upgrades?

    We are now on the latest version of WP.

    Thank you so much for your support. For our members and the community we just lost 2/3 of our content. While it is still there no one can tell without the menus to access it.

    Thanks so much for your contact and help.


    We have turned off all plugins, we downloaded the latest Newscast theme, made no changes to that theme and activated it. We still only have 90 menu selections allowed in both the primary and secondary menu.

    Switching to a WP default theme and the menu selection 250+- all come back.

    They were there, all 250+- in Newscast earlier this week. The only change was to drag a menu item to a different location.

    This ran fine for over a year, it just makes no sense to us.

    Testing continues but we need some help.

    With no answers, we are working a parallel path of changing to another theme. If anyone has recommendations on one we would appreciate it. is a Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Center style website. “Magazine style” appears to be the best template.


    I marked this thread for Kriesi. Tbh I’ve no idea how to solve this issue or what causes it. The suhosin variable affects all wp menus – thus it would affect other themes too. The only reason I can think of is that Newscast requires more resources (processing time, vars, etc.) and triggers/hits the limit whereas the standard theme does not. However that’s just a guess…



    Thanks for your attention. We continue to work this. More testing and search for work different solutions today. We will share it here should it help others.

    We were mislead a bit by the fact that 20-10 has one menu system and Newscast has two menu systems. If readers of this thread go to the start you can see the odd situation where we had 250+ menu selections. One day a tech here moved one and we lost all but 90 in each menu bar. Menu1 had 90, Menu 2 had 90. Trying to add a menu, if you saved it would not add the menu. If you added a menu and put it higher in the menu system the last menu would be deleted. For us the 90 limit was hard. Research has found for others this can be as low as 16, bit more often the limit is between 60 and 90.

    Checking again, 20-10 only would allow 90 (it was a different menu set than Newscast was allowing) it just jumbled up the 90 menu items it allowed looking like it supported more. When we counted it came to 90.

    We bought and installed another authors (modern, 2 days old ver. 1.0) to see if it would help. We had to rebuild the menu system (we moved this to another part of the shared server we are on for development) when we hit 91 it would not take it. That took us back to our research.

    In the wordpress development trac we found this is a known (but clearly not published well) problem. Depending on the host, if they have it set up for security and performance issues to limit the number of functions you are stuck. So if you can not get them to increase the suhosin variable you can not get any more than the limit they have set.

    Some users have been able to add “php_value max_input_vars 2000” to the .htaccess file. In my case that did not work it just created a server error. I expect my host has restricted that.

    Interesting, Newscast actually allows us to double the number of menu items. Since we can have 90 in each menu we get 180! The only reason I can come up with for getting up to 250+- is our tech was setting up menu’s and never did a save till the end. Then months later when she moved one it had to process all the menus on save and invoked the limit. But without further testing a guess on our part.

    It appears this is not a limit to the menus, it is a limit to how many you can save at once. The menu system is rather clunky, ok for a few menu’s but not a complex system.

    The attitude on the trac is positive and wanting to help. However, some argue that you should never need this many menu’s. I remember a bug I found in 1989 on disk drives. The software we were running would not work on a drive larger than 40meg (yes that is not a typo they were that small.) The developer told me when they developed the software they never thought a drive any bigger would be made, that was the reason for the limit.

    So while people may not be using many menu items today, they will in the future. More and more WP is being used as Content Management system. they will need to fix this problem in the future.

    Some trac contributors indicate the group is small that is having this problem, so it need not be fixed. They are right the group is small since not many look to have so many menu items. Still WP was based on simple good clean code (we started with ver. 1.2) they need clean menu code.

    I am going to continue our testing and provide all that data on the trac with the hopes that it helps to update the menu system on the backend of WordPress.

    We are also trying some plugins and hacks to split up the menus so our server can swallow them when we save them.

    More to come,


    P.S. I felt bad buying a theme from someone else, we love Newscast and the support here has always been very good. It did help with our testing so was worth the money.


    We just installed two plugins that provide the flexibility to solve the problem.

    “Add Descendants As Submenu Items”

    “CMS Tree Page View”

    The first takes us back in time to produce a hybrid of menu systems. As long as you selected what was the parent menu in the post (redundant with the GUI menu system) you can select a box that indicates “Automatically add all descendants as submenu items” This provides for the standard WP menu system for the top menu’s and the old way of selecting child and parent menus in the post. This reduces the number of menu’s to well below our limit of 90 per menu strip.

    The second provides a “at a glance look” at what your menu system is set up as with the parent child relationship settings in your pages. Although ours through legacy were mostly done, it allows you to fix any that are in the wrong order.

    This fix provides the ability to conserve system resources and to not have to call your host for an increase in the suhosin variable.

    Hope this information saves someone the days it took us to understand and fix the problem should you have the same issues.



    Thank you for the information. This will come in handy for some users with the same problem.



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