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    Recently bought your Coalition theme, which is great ;-) but an issue has developed after resetting all options. It’s hard to explain but you’ll see from my website that as you scroll down the one-page site, the marker in the sidebar menu goes down the page sections fine until it gets to ‘The Estate’ then it misses a page section out ‘About Us’ and then carries on one section different, i.e. sections further down are marked as the section above! so ‘Contact Us’ is marked as ‘About Us’ in the sidebar. If you actually click each link it works fine, so not sure what’s going wrong with the scroll – can you check my site & let me know? You’ll need my password as I have a ‘under construction’ plugin activated.

    Cheers, Sam



    Kriesi released an update for Coalition yesterday (version 1.2). Please download the update at and replace the old files with the updated files (mentioned in version.rtf). I’m not sure if it fixes your bug but it’s worth a try.


    Hi Dude! thanks, yes, I uploaded the whole theme (v1.2) from themeforest but the problem remains. It was working fine when I first set the site up (imported dummy data & edited site accordingly), then I accidentally clicked ‘reset options’ thinking it was just for that page. I re-did all my settings, clicked ‘import dummy data’ again and set up my one-page-portfolio from that, as I did the first time but it now has this problem, so not sure what’s happened! Could you have a look at my site to see the problem – I can’t launch it as it is…



    I’ll have a look at the problem. You can mail your info to chris at wehavewebfun dot com.


    Hi Chris,

    Did you get my email? Would like to get this issue resolved a.s.a.p. Look forward to hearing from you…Cheers, S


    Hey, I received your mail. I’ll mail you later today.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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