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    This is a superb theme BUT I’m having huge problems using more than one menu, and my sub-level pages aren’t automatically appearing as drop downs.

    I created a menu called Main with top level items, which is well and good. If I try to create another menu, for one of my sub sections, eg About, it replaces the Main menu on my site.

    This is a client site I’m building at

    How can I make my sub-pages appear as a normal drop down menu? They are set up correctly with parent pages. I haven’t had this problem with other themes.

    Help?!? Thanks


    Update: it seems the only way I can get my dropdowns is not to use a custom menu. Not ideal. It looks messy without a custom menu.


    And…. I now have two “home” items on my menu.


    Fixed the two ‘home’ items on my menu – using the “Exclude Pages” plugin – but still having trouble trying to get the Broadscope menu to work. I’d like to use the Mega Menu for a few menu items but it’s not picking up the child pages. Anyone else having this problem or has a solution?


    Yes, I am having issues with the menu. I posted a question and got no answer on why my main menu items are not all appearing. Hoping for solution soon. My site is It is not showing my “about” menu item. It’s the first in my list? Not sure if it’s due to a sizing issue w/the menu or the menu manager??


    Update: I just upgraded to the latest version and menu truncation issue seems to be resolved along w/some other issues. Very happy!



    glad that the update helped you :)

    @fergiegirl – did the update solve your problem too?


    WordPress tells me I’m using version 1.0.2 – that was the one I downloaded from ThemeForest yesterday. Is that the latest version? My version_broadscope.rtf file that came with it tells me it’s actually 1.0.4. Still having menu issues though. Can’t get them to work.


    Can you create me an admin account and send me the login details to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – please tell me the (submenu) menu structure for at least one menu item – I’ll try to set it up correctly. If it doesn’t work I’ll report it as a bug to Kriesi…


    Thanks Dude…check your inbox ;-)




    I sent you a mail :)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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