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    I did not import the dummy content. Went in under appearance and added a name for the menu, then went to the left side where pages are and ticked two of them. Saved, then went to the homepage and refreshed and the actual content of the two pages is showing up on the page. One of the pages is the privacy policy and I could actually read it right there as the print runs vertically on the page showing all the text not just the menu navigation at the top.

    What is the deal? How do I correct it?


    Can I clarify, you’ve added a custom menu and added links to it – have you selected this menu from the drop down (on the top left of the Custom Menu Page content) as the Primary Navigation?

    What’s the URL?


    I went to appearance, clicked on menus, added Menu Name, the pages were no longer grayed out, two boxes were ticked

    then it was saved. Went to look at the homepage and the navigation/ menu is showing up but instead of having to click

    on the page name to open it to read the page the text from each of those pages was running vertical down the screen in small

    print. Pretty straightforward, don’t see how one can mess that up, you create a menu, tick the pages you want visible, save it and

    that should be it.

    If you need the URL then I will email it to you.


    also if you do not mind can you tell me how to set what shows up in the footer? I don’t want archive, pages etc.

    I looked at the site I like the way they have the footer

    with the about us, products etc showing up.

    Would like to have the menu on the site I am working on to look the menu they have.


    If you will accept help from me:

    To fix your menus; go to the Menu tab in WP-admin, expand the menu item in question and edit the Description field. If you entered no description WP adds the text contents of your page. Remove it or add what you want.

    The footer you want is a widget called “Categories”. Add the categories widget to Footer1, 2, 3, or 4 widget areas as you desire.


    @ cwrigley glad to accept your help. I might have been a little more frustrated that day, I apologize. I am a hack at this but figure that is the only way to learn as most people who know won’t teach it or don’t have the time. When you need something done and have to wait and wait it gets old. Anyway that must be it as I did not put a description. thanks and I like the work that you do. Talented.


    when you say menu are you referring to the dashboard? From there to pages which is where the about page is? There is a short description there and that is what is showing down the page.





    Under the menu there are only two pages that was previously ticked, About and privacy policy which is indented under the About which is fine. Still have the short description showing on the actual home page as an ex.


    thank you



    @efusjon Glad you got this figured out with Curt’s help!

    @cwrigley Cheers for you help! It’s much appreciated especially with my Internet being down (new phone line) for a couple of days :)




    I have this problem too. The description is ticked and if I untick it, close screen options, then reopen it, it is ticked again. Despite this, there is no description field and I have the full page text running in the description area under the page name in the menu.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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