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    thanks for the coalition theme !

    My problem is with the menu. I use the one page theme.

    I tried to take of the “FAQ” section from the menu, but it is still there.

    Then , I went to Appearance and Menu and erased the menu and created a new one. Saved it.

    But the previous menu still shows (I cleaned the caches). I now dont understand how i can change the menu.

    Another thing : on the menu, when i click on the Contact section, it leads me there, but the color on the Contact section goes to the FAQ section. As if i was on the FAQ page. What can I do about that ?

    Thank you !



    Hi there,

    i would like to create a new menu as well. And i use the one page theme too.

    I also need a sub menu. I understand to create it, but i can’t add it.

    Thank you!



    Hi Julie,

    The menu is actually controlled from the One Page template (where you arrange all the individual page elements). So once you remove it there and it will display the menu correctly.

    @markusk1 – Same thing as for Julie though I don’t believe the theme support sub menu items or sub-pages for the One Page layout.





    thank you. I also have the problem, that the background color of the menu is jumping to the wrong menu point. Means, when i click on “Wettbewerbe” it jumps to “Kontakt”. Where can i fix this?




    Hi M.,

    Without seeing the site, it’s hard to answer your question. Please provide a url in order for us to help you.




    Hey Nick,

    Okay, no problem:


    Klick on “Wettbewebe” and see that it marks “Kontakt/ Impressum” in the menu.




    Hey MarkusK1,

    First try disabling all active plugins. Then download the most recent version of the theme from your downloads on themeforest. You can then update the theme files by uploading the theme on top of itself in the same way you first updated.

    See if that helps the issue.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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