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    1. As I add pages to this theme it also adds the name to the top menu. How do I exclude Pages from appearing in the top menu?

    Do you recommend using this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/exclude-pages

    Else what is the method?

    2. I created a new Home page and set the page to display for both a) Settings > Reading Settings > Front page displays= My new homepage.

    Also Abundance Theme Options > FrontPage Settings= My new homepage. Both link to the same page. There are 2 Home menu items! How do I exclude one? The website needs only 1 Home menu item.

    3. I (.txt saved) then deleted several Pages (like “check out page”, “Edit My Address”, “Order Received”) to eliminate them from the top menu. I realize these are needed for the shop to function properly now. I can recreate them and re-enter the short code like before. But obviously this is similar to the above (adds itself to the top menu), same solution I imagine?

    Thanks for your time… ;)


    I figured it out – Abundance Theme Demo 7:

    Setting up the menu with the help of your menu manager

    (I think).

    Still do you recommend using exclude-pages plugin or not?


    I created the menu as the tutorial showed but the menu doesn’t reflect any changes. http://missionbenchworks.com

    I even tried resetting the Abundance Theme Options [Reset all options] – no menu update (force reload it’s not cached).

    I drag and change the menu order/location and I don’t see the move.

    I’m going to reinstall WP (latest) again and this theme. This time not installing the Dummy Data.



    As you’re going to reinstall – do you still require support for the previous questions?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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