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    Just purchased and installed the theme over the weekend. I started adding some images and changed the text but strange things started to happen. First the menu does not stay put even though I use a large screen. The top image (that are sourced from Welcome) load suspiciously slow, compared to the demo site – and my provider is very good and local to me. I don’t have problems with images loading slowly. And also while the image loads I get a the text that appears below the image with the shortcodes visible. I don’t want the text there and don’t know why it appears there.

    Can you please help.




    I can’t view your website at all. I just get a white screen or a 500 Internal Server Error message. Please make sure that your hoster uses PHP5.2+. I’d also deactivate all WP plugins – maybe one causes the long loading time or php conflicts.


    Hi Dude

    Not sure what is wrong but it works fine here. I did try disabling all plugins, but might have to re-enable the domain mapping plugin. Anyway, it still doesn’t work. I deleted the Theme and re-installed it and re-populated the sample data. Still no luck.



    Any possibility on getting some help with this problem. Not sure if I should develop my website on this theme if its this unstable. Sorry.

    Is there a possibility of a refund. I might have to do something myself with a ten eleven theme.


    The menu isn’t fixed because the sidebar height exceeds the browser viewport. You need to remove some widgets to decrease the sidebar height and it will be displayed fixed (otherwise the user can’t see the whole sidebar content if the sidebar height exceeds the browser viewport). That’s not an unstable theme code or something similiar but an intended behaiour. You can fix the sidebar manually with following code in css/custom.css:

    .sidebar {position: fixed !important;}

    but this will break the sidebar for users with small screens. As far as I know Envato doesn’t issue any refunds but you can try to contact their support.


    OK. Managed to remove a whole bunch of widgets that were there from the start and the menu now stays put.

    However any suggestions on the other two problems in relation to the top image and the text appearing in the background.

    The screen grab of what the problem looks like is here:


    Bump. Please, can somebody advise. Is this solve by the background image?



    sorry for the delayed response. Did you solve your issue(s)? For me, in both FireFox and Google Chrome the slideshow loads without issues.


    There was an issue that the template expecting another image that somehow was missing. Once I added the image it worked ok. Possibly this happened when I re-installed the template and re-populated the data. Now it works ok.

    Now I have noticed the contact form does not work.

    I know others have had issues with that and I will see if their solutions might help me

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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