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    Hi there, my text isn’t changing in my menu! I go into the Menu Manager and change the name. Click Save, and after save the field reverts to the previous name…

    What do I do?

    Please help!



    Hi guitardaddy76,

    Make sure the menu is set in the meta box to the left of the menus manager (with the dropdown). You can also try switching the theme to one of the default wordpress themes (twenty twelve for example) and seeing if you are able to change the menu items then. If not, there may be an issue with your WordPress installation.




    Hey there! i have a Q? Is there any video about how to set up all the basic for the Display theme. I had bought another themes and is easy when we have the basic in video (like the menu, portfolio, etc.) why don’t you do it!


    Hi manuelriverany,

    Many of the newer themes have videos to go along with them but Display has everything very well written out in the included Documentation file that comes with the download from Themeforest.

    Its quite a bit older at this point however so there won’t be any new updates with video tutorials as far as I know.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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