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    Hi there – I have been building a site using this theme for a while now and was just about to sign it off when for some unknown reason the menu has started being a pain. The last item is not working properly. I add a category then when I save the menu it turns itself its a custom and any items that used it as a parent are taken off the menu if that makes sense. So, I add a cat named Tradesmen, make 3 other categories as drop down – 1. Builders 2. Electrician and 3. Plumbers. It all looks ok then when I click save it removes the 3 sub categories and the category Tradesmen (the parent) is turned from a category o a custom and then not clickable in the front end.





    have you installed any new plugins. Often they are responsible for problems which “suddenly” occur.


    Hey dude, nope – no plugins :-(


    Can you create me an admin account and send me the login details to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll have a look into it.


    Cheers in advance Dude, sent you an email.



    I sent you an email :)


    Yeah, got that mate, thank you for the quick reply! Sent you one back.



    I sent you a mail…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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