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    After updating to 1.2 the menu manager is ignoring my menus and defaulting to showing all my pages instead of main navigation menu.



    please check if your custom menu is selected as theme menu (Appearance > Menu – option field on the left top).


    Yes, under Brightbox main menu (1 supported menu) I keep selecting my custom menu and saving. Even selecting other custom menus does not work – just shows my pages for navigation menu.


    The menu seems to display correct again. Did you solve the problem?


    I got it to work. In the update, the class-superobject.php file in the framework/php directory added a new twist.

    You have to add:


    to your functions.php file.


    Hey Sanford, thanks for jumping in. For me the menu seems to be displaying correctly too, as Dude already mentioned. If not – let us know if Sanfords’ solution works for you, biospa.



    No – I switched back to version 1.0 till the bugs get worked out of the updates…

    I haven’t tried the third update yet.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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