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    Hi Kriesi,

    I’ve just uploaded the theme as I am redeveloping our College Website, I’ve uploaded it several times and when I look at the Newscast Options in the WordPress control panel The “Menu Manager Pages”, “Menu Manager” and “Categories” is not available!

    I’ve looked at the uploaded theme folder and it appears that the php files are there! All the other newscast options are there!

    Also How do I get the accordion slider working!? Is there a control area for this?

    Please let me know!

    Many Thanks!!


    did you solve this issue about menu manager yet? i am having a similar problem…



    out of the box all features should be available, if you’re certain your theme is complete you could do a wordpress reset and reactivate the theme to ensure nothing else is messing with the options. If these options don’t show you might want to consider starting from scratch with a new WordPress installation.

    The theme has space for two different menus that can be created with the new WordPress3 Menu Manager. You can find the menu manager at appearance-> Menu

    To work with the slider please read part B4 in the documentation included in your folder, it should hold all the information you need.


    Menus are under Appearance…

    Also, I noticed that the menus have to be named exactly (“First” & “Second”) as in the instructions before it worked for me…

    For sliders, I reread the documentation again and realized i just needed to create a new category and assign it to be the slider content…I picked “Featured” so when i want something to be in the slider, I can just check that extra box and it shows up.


    I’ve created a tutorial about menus here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-menu-behaves-weird



    I have a quick question, I am also having a problem getting to see all the options for the theme. I think I might have to do a reset or re-installation, however, I want to know if the reset plug in will also delete my posts. I tried looking for the answer but have yet to find anything.


    Yes – I think it deletes everything.


    I re installed WordPress but kept the database intact because I already have too many posts to start from scratch but I still don’t get all the options. It tell me I don’t have sufficient permissions to access the page.


    Maybe it’s a problem with the ftp permissions? Which pages output the error?




    They don’t even appear under the available options on my dashboard. Maybe they aren’t supposed to be accessed?


    Not sure why this error occurs (I never came across it before). Maybe try to export all your posts with the WordPress Export tool, reset your database and import your posts again. I’d backup the database first.


    In my installation I also don’t get those two menu entries. I can see them in a screenshot in the documentation folder (part of the ZIP file) but in my installation they don’t appear. I’m wondering those two entries are not mentioned in the documentation. Are they still part of the Newscast theme or were they dropped with version 2?

    What are they supposed to do?

    WP 3.2.1 with Multisite enabled



    you can create two custom “main menus” by using the wordpress admin panel. Go to Appearance > Menu and add pages, links, etc. to your menu.

    The top menu must be called “First”, the second “tabs” menu must be called “Second”.

    I published a tutorial here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-menu-behaves-weird


    Thanks, it worked. I was just wondering if that menus would still be necessary after WP 3.


    Yes because of the way Kriesi implemented the menus in Newscast it’s necessary to call them First/Second.

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