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    I have a strange error in the menu. When clicking any item in the menu, the menu reloads and jumps to “home” first before showing the clicked (active) item. This is my testsite: http://unicon.caster.be

    Any ideas what could cause this? I already deactivated all plugins but that doesn’t resolve it. I have modified the theme quite a bit, but not really the .js files.


    Hi mixette,

    Without knowing all of the changes made to the theme files its hard to say why that is happening. If you had modified the theme css by adding all of your own css to the custom.css file it would be easy to just remove it and see if it was one of your customizations.

    As is, I don’t see anything that should really be causing it though I do see it happening on my end as well.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for looking into it!. I found the problem (more or less). It’s because the menu titles are very long.

    This jump also occurs when a switch to a clear install of the angular theme, so it occurs with the original css as well.

    In my website, the contact item doesn’t make the jump, when clicking it. All other menu-items are longer and jump. If I shorten them, the jump is gone.

    Greetings, Britt


    Solved it.

    It was this span:

    <span class=”primary-background seperator-addon seperator-bottom”></span>

    In Header.php just underneath the main navigation menu causing the problem. After removing it, everything is fine.



    Glad that you were able to crack the riddle!



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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