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    Hi there. I need to install more menu items on my site – when I add them in the menu manager (appearance, menus), one of the newly added menu items will lay on top of the cart –

    2) I need to link the products in my drop down mega menus to the same page as the products listed in the All Products page…for example, if I select, “All Products” then “Cat5E Ethernet Booted patch Cables” – that takes me to this page – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    I would like to be able to select “Booted Patch Cables” from the “Cat5E Patch Cables” Mega Menut and have that take me to the same page as mentioned above… (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    I am not a crazy programmer – just know enough to get me in trouble :) Please answer accordingly if you don’t mind. Thanks!


    Hi ryanchris,

    For the first issue, there isn’t anything we can do to add more space for menu items. You’ll need to condense your menu and make use of dropdowns.

    You can add custom links using the custom link box in the menus manager. Just put the URL for where you want the link to go and the name to be displayed.




    I see where the custom links section is in the menus area. However, I do not see how to add links. If I put the URL (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    in the custom link,URL and name it Booted Patch Cables (which is in in the mega menu under cat5E Patch Cables) – I don’t understand how it would associate with the Booted Patch Cable tab in the mega menu bar.

    Does that make sense?

    Essentially I want Booted Patch Cable in the mega menu drop down bar, to link to (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    Can you help me with that?


    Can we delete the cart, start a second row up menu bars and add the shopping cart back to the last section on the second row? Basically move it down one row?


    You can customize every menu item in the menu. If you don’t want a menu item to link somewhere or you want to add/remove them you can just do so by expanding the menu and modifying the url.

    As for modifying the navigation, that is something you would need to have done by a freelance developer. It will take a bit of customization of the css and menu to get it properly wrapping and have no issues with the layout.


    Hi guys, I must be missing something as I am not understanding how to link the items in my drop down menus….

    Under appearance, menus – I can see a place for a URL under the main menu items. However, when I open the menu items that would be in the drop down areas – I do not have anywhere to add a URL. I have a bar that has the code for the picture and title that shows up in the drop down mega menu – but don’t see anywhere to attach the URL for the page that I would like that to take you..

    I took a snap shot for you but don’t see anywhere to attach it – and it won’t paste.

    Thanks again – I’m sorry for the misunderstanding….


    I have figured out how to add a URL to a sub menu – in the URL navigation bar. If I put just text – say TEST for example in the Navigation Label bar, then go to my site and click on that TEST sub menu – the link works. However, if I put code in the Navigation Label bar to install a picture and text instead of just the words TEST, the link does not work.

    Here is an example of the code I am using to install pictures and text in the mega menu …..

    <p>RJ45 Connectors</p>

    Am I missing something?


    Code posted the actual picture – sorry.


    Just noticed that if the parent menu is checked for the mega menu, I lose the URL bar in the “child” menu and now my options are:

    mega menu column title

    link target

    css classes


    Not sure what is going on here?


    Figured it out!


    Hi ryanchris,

    Glad that you’ve fixed it.



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