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    After updating WordPress to 3.2.1 and moving database to mysql 5.1 all menu items and slider images dissapeared. All data is still in the tables. Trying to add a new menu item or slider image fails without any error. Can you help me?



    it’s really hard to say why the database/wp update broke the theme settings. I’d delete the display options table and reconfigure the theme settings. If you need to clear the menu(s) option table too you need to search for the “menu_order” table. More information can be found here: , and


    Just FYI, I’m having the same problem. After we moved over to a Linux platform from windows and using mysql 5.1, the frontpage slider stopped working altogether. No error message, and when I try to configure it and save the results, I get back the normal “saved” message.


    Our site is


    Ok so to add more detail Cu3er quit working months ago and have been using the jquery transitions. I have also tried to use the config.xml file without any luck. Its contents are also not showing up…

    If I delete my display options table like you mentioned above, how could I get it back? Will the theme re-install it from scratch? I didn’t think so but I’m willing to try anything…


    Kriesi uses the inbuild wordpress option management – basically WordPress should recreate all necessary database entries. I’d backup the db first though.


    ok will try and post the results….thanks for the input.


    That worked!!!!! Awesome job and for some reason, that also fixed cu3er. Just drop the table in mysql, and go back to display options and add the missing slides. Dude was right, the table was automatically recreated! Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    I followed your instructions to drop the option tables and have the tables recreated when adding new items. Looked at the table names after they were recreated and found that the new table names are wp_Display_slider_menu and wp_Display_main_menu with upper case D in Display. The old tables had lower case d i display. So I dropped the new tables, altered the backupscript to create the tables with upper case D and now everything is back again.

    Cause of error:

    My new mysql server runs under linux but my old is under windows. The error was caused by the move of the database to a linux based mysql server where case matters, where as it doesn’t matter under windows. This error could have been avoided by the programmer simply by not using upper case D in the table names. None of the other tables in wp contains any upper case in its name and therefore work cross plattform.

    Thank you for pointing me in the right directions and for a quick response.


    Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll report it to Kriesi so that we can avoid this problem with upcoming themes :)


    Thanks for the notice! Since this only happens with legacy version of our themes (ones that dont use the wordpress menu manager) I dont think that a fix will be released, but its definitley good to know that we need to be carefull whenever we want to create additional database tables in the future :)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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