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    Hi, I want to update a site with choices (from theme version 1.2 to actual version) and did it at first on a test-space because of big difference in versions. Now the most works well, the only problem is that the main menu is corrupt in IE. In Firefox and Safari it works.
    I tried with creating a new menu, but without success.
    Maybe you have an idea, what to do? URL to test-webspace:


    Hey michi!

    Can you please post a screenshot of the issue? This is what it looks like on IE 9.


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    Can you try going to the menus manager and re-saving the menu. Then try viewing the page again and if possible with no extensions or plugins running so that IE is running alone.

    I’m not getting any issues on my end as well when viewing the site and my live dev installs don’t have any issues either so I’m not sure why you would be getting the error.



    Hey Devin,
    I do it all and found that my IE 10 was running in compatibiltiy mode….i refreshed so now it´s looking good like in firefox, safari and chrome. SORRY for your efforts !!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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