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    I’ve a question about the main menu area. I’ve now six items on my menu (home, chi siamo, atelier, progetti, contatti, blog). The menu area goes under the logo image instead being beside it. Just to explain batter, I need it to be like this mai menu:

    Can you help me?





    in your style.css you can find

    .main_menu .menu > li

    between the brackets you can change the width value to whatever you’d like, I think 100px is a good value.


    Thank you,

    solved with your help and this topic:





    have another question about top menu in

    The white space between menu items isn’t constant (like it is in

    It seems to be related to the length of the item: the space between “Chi siamo” and “Atelier” is less than the one between “Blog” and “Contatti”.

    Is there a way to have this white space fixed?





    did you solve the problem? As far as I can see the spaces are constant on your website now.



    I didn’t solve it.

    On the top menu I still have more white space between “HOME” and “CHI SIAMO” than the space between “CHI SIAMO” and “ATELIER”. The same, “ATELIER” and “BLOG” are closer than “BLOG” and “CONTACT”.

    Something like this:






    something like THIS:

    HOME (

    ) CHI SIAMO (

    ) ATELIER (

    ) BLOG (






    in your style.css find:

    .main_menu .menu > li

    change it to

    .main_menu .menu > li {
    float: left;
    line-height: 1.6em;
    padding: 0pt 20px;

    In your custom.css remove the width you’ve set for the same item. The width shouldn’t be stated anywhere for this item. The padding:0pt 20px; => the 20 controls the padding on the left & right of the element, you can change this to any value you’d like.



    I’ve tryed as you say, but I don’t think it’s the padding.

    It’s like if you have five fixed columns: If you fill each column with words of different lengths, the distance between each item depends on the length of each word

    But if the columns are not fixed, if they fit the length of the word, then the space between each text item will depend on the padding.

    This is what I think, but only in theory, because I am not a programmer.

    Per il momento lascio tutto com’è. If you have any idea about what I’m sayng, please tell me.

    Thanks for your time



    You can only adjust each menu item width individually then. Open up custom.css and add the code like:{
    width: 60px;

    Each menu item has its own id – i.e. in this case 2097. You can find the id in the source code (right click > view source code). For each menu item duplicate the code above and change the item id + width value.





    Glad that Dude could help :)


    I have the same problem, but your CSS-fix doesn’t seem to work at my page… Could you have a look and tell me why my menu items are not evenly distributed?

    PS! I take it that it is the page_id you’re referring to when you say that “Each menu item has its own id”?


    Hi thoddi,

    Change your menu items from using a set width to padding for the spacing:

    .main_menu .menu > li{
    padding: 20px;
    line-height: 1.6em;


    Hi, thanks!

    This fix divided the navbar onto two lines… the last menu item was forced to go on a new line. I changed the padding to 10px to keep it on one line.

    But it’s not quite what I’m looking for… I’d like the menu to stay to the right of the logo, and not under it. More like you have it on the demo page, and how it appears if I turn on the main menu from the demo content.

    How’s that done?


    I discovered that it has to do with the number of menu items. I removed a couple and left only 4 main items, and it popped right in place on the right side of the logo. I think I will just add some sub-menus to the main menu, and hope to solve it that way.

    Thanks so far:-)


    Glad that you found a fix. Some of the older themes from Kriesi aren’t as bendable for every circumstance so you’ve gotta have a little bit of give when customizing them.

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