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    1 and 2 – Each sub-menu will extend to the right of the previous sub menu by design.


    So see this: http://imgur.com/3hpwK

    Are the items “Devlet Sistemleri” and its sub-menu “Monarşi” on the same alignment? Could you say yes?

    Also, if I don’t use the codes of Nick, the boxes of items do not extend to right like that.

    When I hover the mouse over the category menu, the first level sub-menus of them firstly seems normal (during a short while, may be half second), and then they extend to right. After that, you can see th alignment of sub menu ands its sub menus (sub-seb-menus) are not on the same alignment.

    Do you understand me Devin? I’m not sure that you understood me. I know for sure how the submenu items works. I’m not dummy as you think. Please do not answer me without checking my complaints on my site.


    I recommend you look into a freelance developer for pixel perfect customization. We are really not able to go into this much detail for every customization that you want for the theme.

    You can make these kind of tiny adjustments with the css we’ve provided so far but also understand that each browser can even have 1 pixel differences because of the way they render borders, padding, margins etc.



Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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