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    Does this theme support megamenu like brightbox or not?

    If is possible, how can i activate it?



    Corona doesn’t support the mega menu at the moment. Another user suggested it – maybe Kriesi will add it in the next update.


    This would be a great addition to have that option


    Would be good to see it as an option across all the themes where possible.


    I’d like to add my voice to that…love MegaMenu and would definitely like to see it in Corona if at all possible.


    Yes, I would love this in an update, too :-)


    I would love the mega menu option as well. Kriesi’s effort on this, should he decide to do it, would be much appreciated!!!


    Actually a good recommendation for further themes would be to provide both normal menus and a mega menu option…not just one or the other.

    EDIT: interestingly enough it looks like the megamenu code is part of the theme but the theme does not use it. I guess its the one from Brightbox


    Yes – the php code is included in the framework files but js/css code isn’t afaik. I’m not sure why Kriesi doesn’t implement the Mega Menu in all themes but I guess he has good reasons (loading times, code processing times, problems/bugs during development, etc.).



    a year afer the last it was asked – does this theme support megamenu.



    No, Corona does not support a megamenu.



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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