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    I’ve read this post and i do not totaly agree with admin answer.

    I’ve found class-megamenu.php file in propulsion framework folder.

    So is there an issue to activate this function in the theme ?

    It would be great

    Thank’s a lot.



    this is not possible. I’m sorry. The php code is there but not the required js/css code. You can’t use the code from previous themes but you’d need to build everything from scratch (because the responsive framework css differentiates from the “static 960px grid” and different calculations would be required to center the menu and adjust the column widths, etc.). The responsive design & menu would be broken too and not optimized for mobile browsers/small screens.


    ok I understand, thank’s for explanations ;)

    Dommage ! :)

    But I don’t want to spend time to add a functionality which is not native for the theme.

    So For next themes it would be great if you only add necesseray files and not the whole framework ! ;-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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