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    Hello, I am having problems with the mega menu.
    I am using broadscope and my main menu is like megamenu. Last time when I tried to include a new page in the megamenu, this was completely desconfigurated and I started to see web-code in all the page on the imagens and all around, so I had to create quickly a new menu in order to have the page fixed. Please help me and tell me whcih can be the problem.

    On the other hand, I was wondering if you plan to convert this theme in responsive.
    Thank you, and looking for your reply, Carmen


    Hi carmen!

    Please place all Abundance theme inquiry on the Abundance topic. A link to the website will help. The theme is a bit outdated. We would like to recommend the Enfold theme.



    Thank you Ismael for your reply. Bt I am not using Abundance theme, I am using Broadscope theme. Link is



    Please firstly update Broadscope theme to the latest version 1.7.1 –

    Best regards,


    I have updated the theme. Now I have the same problem I had last time when I updated the theme.

    Ths problem is the main menu, even if I select other menus, always the same menu is showed, in this case “aumento de gluteos”.

    Last time you had to fix this problem. PLease, help me on that. Thank you and regards.



    Hi Carmen,

    Can you please create us a WordPress administrator account? post it here as a private reply.


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    Oh! My bad. Broadscope it is. A quick mental lapse. Anyway, I checked the page and the mega menu looks fine. Unfortunately, the theme is a bit old and we are not planning any upgrade any time soon.



    Thank you Isamel but the megamenu is not working. There are two different problems:

    1) If I try to set up the Broadscope Main Menu as “Main Menu” or any of the other menus, is not getting them. Only gets the menu called “aumento de gluteos” and that one is not the correct one. So I can not select the menu I want as main menu.

    2) Before this happened, my “Main Menu” is a megamenu (and the one I want to have as main menu) it is completely desconfiguated since I added a new page, but you can not see it because the syetem is not allowoing you to chain broadsciope main menu as “Main Menu”.

    I hope my explanation is clearler now.

    Thank you and looking for your reply, Carmen



    The account provided does not have access to the Appearance section, can you please change that?


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    Sorry for late response!

    I tried to add this:

    into your menu and it worked just fine:

    I can’t see any issue with your menu. Can you show us please screenshots of what’s going on for you? also try to clear browser cache.

    Best regards,


    That is not the problem!!!!! how can I show you an image, I can not enclose a picture of the problem. Please tell me how to do it!



    You can upload your screenshot to and then copy the URL Next click on the “img” button when writing your reply and paste the URL inside the prompt.


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