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    when it loads 3-5 second it show not in full size of page, but shifted

    how can it be fixed?


    Hi lllab,

    When I clicked your linked, it redirected me here:




    Hi lllab,

    What Operating System, Browser and Browser version are you using? I checked your mega menu and it seems cool on my end.

    Does the issue still shows up on your end until now?




    we tested on osx and windows 64, many different computers, chrome, firefox and safari. the issue is when clicking on it when one is already in sshop and chooses the menu, not when hoovering on it.

    any ideas?


    any feedback on this?




    p.s please for help, also other testers have the same, it is certainly there

    if you go to the shop, then click (not hoover) again on the shop menu again the mega menu opens and stays shifted for 1-2 seconds. looks very ugly somehow. it is reproducable by testers on differet browsers, OS’S connections and machines


    Hi lllab,

    Let me tag the rest of the support to help us with this issue.




    ok thanks!



    I looked at your site and menu looks fine to me. Sure if you keep clicking the link it will reload and disappear during the reload , but that’s expected. My screen size is 1360 (or so) so maybe need a huge screen to see this, no idea. You can take out the ability to click that link entirely, so that when you hover over it the menu will open up, but clicking on it will have no effect besides the rollover and the mega menu popping out.





    the menu doesnt disapear it moves to the right sadly. disapearing woudl be ok, the moving just makes it look bad sadly.

    we try the suggedtion abut taking out the clicking, thanks for now!



    Hi stefan,

    Not sure if you are still having the same issue but I just tested the site/menu in IE 7,8,9 as well as Firefox and Chrome and had no issues with the menu loading incorrectly or like in your images above.



Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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