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    Hello there! Love this theme! Thanks!

    I have a strange problem/bug…

    The menus are working great except the item that is on the very right. When I point my mouse over it the drop down appears somewhere way off the screen on the right hand side, so basically it is invisible! And I get a scroll bar on the bottom…

    Please check it out at

    The menu item is Remedials. When you hover over it, you can’t see the drop down.

    I am checking this in IE8 & 9 and in Google Chrome.

    Need help ASAP

    thanks a lot for an amazing theme!




    Looks like the same bug also appears in Firefox on Mac.

    Have you modified the theme functions or any other files? Trying to work out if this is a bug in the theme or a conflict somewhere.

    Can you disable any plugins you have active to check it’s not a JS conflict being caused?



    Hi James,

    I haven’t really modified anything except the footer and I have the following code in custom.css:

    /* Have fun adding your style here :) – PS: At all times this file should contain a comment or a rule, otherwise opera might act buggy :( */

    #top .logo, .logo a{




    #top .nav, #top .avia_mega{

    border:1px solid #f45f00;


    background: #ffd081;


    #top .avia_mega>.current-menu-item >a, #top .avia_mega>li:hover>a{

    background: #c03a00;



    #top .avia_mega>li>a:hover, #top .avia_mega>li:hover>a, #top #wrap_all .avia_mega .open-mega-a{

    background: #fff;




    border-top:1px solid #f45f00;

    background: #fdecda;


    I don’ think that should change the behaviour of the last menu item.

    I disabled all the plugins and then enables them, no luck, still goes off the screen!

    Any other suggestions? Do you have a smaple copy running with a megamenu on one of the last items towards the right that you can check the same behaviour on?


    Hey James, Any luck on this? If not we will have to move the troublesome menu towards the left. But we will have more mega-menus in the other categories as we add more content to the site. We want to announce the site tomorrow….




    hi, We have moved all the mega-mens towards the left so you can’t see the behavior on the website right now, but we will need to add mega-menus on the items towards the left very soon and would like them to be visible!

    I tried deactivating all the plugins and can say that none of them seemed to be causing this.

    Please help! Are you able to replicate this on your own sites?


    Me again,

    We had to add another menu item at the beginning & the last menu item Remedials has started acting up again :~O, it’s showing up way to the right almost off the screen.

    We are planning to have more megamenus in the rest of the items : Jaimini & Compatibility.

    Also I notice that some of the mega-menus drop down towards right while some drop down towards left. No big deal but could that be part of the problem? eg: Look at Yogas.


    Thanks fro any help




    Unfortunately I have been unable to replicate this on my test site, and the custom CSS you’re using shouldn’t cause this. The menu position is controlled by JS; disabling your plugins would have stopped any conflicting scripts loading so this could be a bug in the theme JS code. I’ll report this to Kriesi to have a look into.



    Hey Srishti!

    Could you send me your wordpress access data as well as your FTP access data via mail? I wasnt able to reproduce the bug either, so I guess it will be best to try to fix it dirextly on your installation :)




    Hey Kriesi,

    Thanks for looking into this. What is your email? I highly appreciate this, I hope we can get this fixed! Absolutely love the theme. it’s really smooth!




    Hey, I guess I will send you the info through the contact form.

    Sorry for the last post.




    If you haven’t already, please use the conatct form here:



    Thanks James, I sent the emails out this morning.


    Hi kKriesi & James,

    any luck with this?




    Any update on this please?




    Hi guys, Just bumping this up…

    Did Kriesi manage to look into this issue?




    Hi c_srishti,

    It looks like in version 1.1 there was some adjustments to the mega menu code though there isn’t a date for when that was released. I would recommend updating your theme to most recent 1.2 version which is up to date and compatible with the newer version of wordpress as well.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for your reply. I just updated the theme to the latest version, but the problem is still there…. You can see it on the website:

    Look at the last mega menu… the drop down is displaced.




    Hi Srishti,

    The current theme being used is “broadscope_old” which is version 1.0.5. Did you switch back after updating?




    I am having the same problem. I’m using Broadscope 1.2 with WordPress 3.4.2. I believe I’m completely up to date.

    Is there a CSS fix for this. All the mega menu drop downs work perfectly except for the two on the far right side of the menu. If I move the elements to a different position on the menu, they work perfectly. But, whatever is on the far right side ends up going off the page.


    Hi reggieige,

    Can we take a look at the site with the issue live? It may or may not be related to the issue in this topic but if you have any plugins running try disabling them first to see if there is any conflicting javascript that might be causing the issue.



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