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    Hey Guys, love your theme.

    I’ve worked on the followind site and used the mega menu option for navigation. All the menus work correctly except the second one “Services”. When you roll your mouse over it you’ll notice the arrow does not point to the word services and the box floats all the way to the right. Please help!

    It is live at —- Menu item “Services”



    Try this on your custom.css

    .avia_mega2 {
    left: 0px!important;




    Hey Ismael, It did’n t quite work it messed up another mega menu in the navigation, but after some tweaking it. I got it work with following code:



    left: -140px!important;


    Thanks for the direction, But now the only problem is that the up arrow does not show up? Any suggestions?


    Hi DatexCorp,

    Can you try re-creating that menu again. I’m wondering if there was perhaps something off when it was created that is causing the original error. Make sure to write down, screenshot or record in some way the exact set up you have now then remove that menu and save. Then re-recreate it the mega menu for Services again and see if it begins working. You should probably temporarily remove the css tweak to .avia_mega2 as well while trying to re-create it.




    I’ve tried that method and it did’nt quite work. It’s strange the code matches the other tabs. I seems just to want to give me a hard time.


    Hey Guys, Any chance someone had come-up with a resolution of getting the mega-menu to show the up arrow on hover?


    Hi DatexCorp,

    Add the following to the css you’ve already added. It’ll hard set the arrow to be in the right position (you can adjust it if you’d like):

    background-position: 165px 0px !important;

    I’m not quite sure why that one specific menu is giving you so much hassle but hopefully this finishes it up :)





    That worked! Thanks for your help. I am not sure why the menu went bonkers. But this fixed it. Thanks Again.


    Fantastic! I’m really not sure either but if it ever suddenly reverts to working “properly” you can just remove the css fixes.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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