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    I am trying to work with my navigation for my site. I have the main navigation bar going across the top of my site. Now all I want is to have is 2 sub items under “Browse our Products” to go to 2 different lines of jewelry I will be selling. It is not intuitive to me and I have tried every combination I can think of. Everytime I put Kameleon Jewelry to the right slightly, it turns into column and I lose the ability to make it linkable. Is there a tutorial or something on this? I have watched the video a couple of times and also read the documentation. I’m sure it’s some small thing, it doesn’t seem like something that was meant to help should be so hard to deal with. Thanks!

    My website is:



    I have it now where it is linkable, but it is not showing the title of the page in the dropdown. Therefore a customer would not know what they were clicking on. Would this have something to do with a piece of code I added earlier to my custom.css that prevents the page title from showing on the page? Is there someway to amend the code so that it will show up in navigation?



    Hi Sandy,

    Did you take a look at:

    For a mega menu the menu gets a bit more complicated and individual menu items can be used to delegate a row or column. Also make sure to expand the menu item and select if the item’s description should be a text block (where you would put HTML for an for instance).




    Devin – I am still working on this. I have now taken out all mega menu check marks. I have tried the same page under other pages in my nav bar and it doesn’t work there either. I have now spent two days just trying to get a clickable link to the page of the line of jewelry I carry. Seems like a real waste of time when I should be moving on. The only way it works is if I make use it in the main nav bar. Problem is, I will have soon more products than will fit across that bar. You also mentioned here and on other threads to select the items’s “Use description to create a text box.” Where is that?

    I also tried creating an image of the text I want to go there and that is not working either. Is it possible that this is connected to my problem in another thread of the add to cart capability not working? I have eliminated all mentions of “Attracta” as was suggested there and that is still not working either.

    I am totally going around in circles here and am very frustrated. I know you guys have the answer or can figure it out. It is just beyond me.




    Does any have any suggestions on this issue? Please?



    In trying to resolve another issue, I noticed something with the menu of my site. When I deactivated a plugin I use called Dynamic Headers by Nicasio Design, the menu disappears also. Even though the gif file I used for the header is above the menu when looking at the website. With this new knowledge, do you think there is a way to get this to work?




    Someone please help! Very frustrating.



    The menu works fine however the font color and the menu background color is set to white – that’s why you can’t see it anymore. If you eg add following code to css/custom.css the menu will be visible again:

    #top .main_menu .avia_mega > li > ul a {
    color: #000000;


    Dude –

    Thank you so much!!! I obviously would have never thought to look at that, but I did think I was losing my mind. I appreciate your help so much!




    Glad that it works again :)



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