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    Hello Team-

    I am just wondering how to make my masonry page looks like in flashlight theme..

    Currently my masonry page is looks like this, i want to modify the content width of masonry alone!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!!!


    Could you guys help on this pls?


    I have raised this Question some 4 days back, i am just wondering is anyone there to help me out ?



    This page: is just a simple portfolio single entry. You can create it by going to Portfolio > Add New. Then enter any text of your choice into the text editor field (eg Kriesi inserted the column shortcode) an choose the “Fexible Gallery” from the dropdown underneath the text editor. At least upload some images and add eg image title & description to each image.


    Thanks for the reply Dude !!!!

    But i am sorry you dint understand my Question i believe or i might not explained correctly…..

    I just want my masonry gallery/protfolio/page should be full width…..

    previously it was but after i customized the content width in Quick CSS its not.

    Cant u find the difference between the kriesi masonry and my masonry page… width wise ?

    can you please give some Quick CSS snippet to resolve this please?


    Hi lakshmivyas,

    The last changes we gave you did indeed set the page width to be a specific size. You’ll need to add an exception for your masonry pages.

    Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    .template-masonry-overview .box {
    width: auto !important;




    Thanks for the reply Devin, but have no luck :(

    I have my content width set at 800x and the flexible grid also shows up the same width. What i want is flexible masonry grid at it’s normal WIDER width and other pages should have the content width of 800px.

    Awaiting your reply …


    Still waiting for your help guys !!!


    It would be great if any one can help for this issue…


    Hi lakshmivyas,

    I’ve updated the code above to more specifically target the masonry container. Give that a try as it should overwrite anything else that has been added in for the page width.




    Devin, thanks for the response..

    Now its solved my page width problem but my main aim was not yet resolved.

    Please have a look :

    Why my images are not uniformly placed, i believe it suppose to fill entire page but why there is a space over there in the right side…

    Please please help me out…


    Hi lakshmivyas,

    That is the correct behavior of the template.

    From here, if you have additional specific visual modifications I would recommend looking into a freelance web developer who should be able to handle the fine tuning of how you want everything to look.



Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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