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    Hello, I have two problems with the masonry gallery.

    The website is:

    First problem: when loading a gallery in IE7, some images are missing

    If the page is loaded again (without cleaning caches), all the images are displayed (4 more):

    Same problem in Safari 6 (4 pictures missing):

    If the page is loaded again (without cleaning caches), all the images are displayed:

    Second probem: when loading a gallery in Safari 5/6 or Chrome, a gap appears between two rows

    If the page is loaded again (without cleaning caches), there is no gap.

    As I’ve customised the theme, I’ve set up a new installation only for test (last version of wordpress and unmodified flashlight theme) :

    Clean install

    Unfortunately, the same bugs occurs…

    Here you can see a screencast of the “gap” bug in Chrome :

    Gap bug in Chrome 22

    And here a variant of the bug in Firefox :

    Overlap bug in Firefox 3.6.6

    Thank you for your help.


    Hi berrald,

    When viewing your site I’m not getting the same behavior. Keep in mind that the way the effect works is that it will reload and reorganize the page content whenever the browser window is resized. It does not need to be refreshed. It can be a bit picky sometimes if the browser window is just the wrong size and can cause a row to jump down a bit or only load more pictures when the window gets just a bit bigger.

    The only thing I can think of is that there is something locally on causing the javascript to act differently. Try checking out the demo site masonry gallery and see if you get the same bugs:




    Hi there,

    I have another bug in the masonry gallery which also appears on this page:

    When I click on a thumbnail while more images are loading, the picture opens, closes again and then the whole page is behind the transparent lightbox background and nothing is working anymore.

    Can you please make a fix on that issue?

    Here is my page (on the people site its easy to get the same bug becose of its many images)




    Hey Joe,

    Please only make a single post with an issue as it helps keep the forums a bit more organized and makes it easier for us to answer questions and issues.

    I’ll go ahead and close this topic for now for anyone other than the original poster so that they need it re-addressed we can do so.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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