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    … is just perfect. The Kaiser amongst all the Schmarrn.

    I had to install a gallery containing 220+ images(>220MB in weight): so smooth, so charming, so much fun to scroll through and experience more and more and more images coming up. Thanks.


    Glad that you like the Masonry feature :) – it’s really innovative.


    I cannot find the Masonry option. It’s not listed under gallery options or Layout. For example, Gallery Layout shows a drop down menu with 6 options but Masonry is not one of them. The only place that I see it is in the demo. I need this because I cannot get titles and descriptions to display but I thin k Masonry will display them.


    You can use the “Flexible Grid” as “Gallery Layout” to activate the Masonry effect.


    Thank you. That worked for me.


    Oops! I spoke too soon. I have 22 images in the gallery I’m working on but only the first 16 display in the flexible grid. They also don’t display in the lightbox. After the 16th image it returns to the first one.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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