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    …Noob here, and though i searched for a long while, I didn’t see these two questions answered yet (if they have been, please send me the link!)…

    I’m using the Flashlight theme.

    Question 1: I’d like to use the Flexible Grid format to display my blog posts, and the posts will be varied and may included lots of photos. Is the flexible grid format in this theme equipped to handle this type of use (with tags, keywords, multiple images, video, etc) or is this asking too much?

    Question 2: If the flexible grid isn’t a viable blog option, how do I go about increasing the width of the blog page? I would like to keep the sidebar for other pages in the site, but for the Blog page, as well as the individual Blog posts, I’d like the width to be full and not to have any sidebars with widget. This seems like an obvious question to answer, but I haven’t found it yet.






    1) No – this would require a lot of work and theme files adjustments.

    2) It seems like you worked out the solution by yourself: ?




    Thanks for the response, Dude! I did figure it out…sorry to be a bother. I do have more questions though – unrelated – but I’ll post those in a new thread.



    Ok :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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