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    A featured image seems to show the centre section of images (ie. if it’s too big to fit) whereas I want it to show from the top down.

    Is this possible?


    I’m sorry, you can’t change wordpress’ image cropping process (image processing methode).


    @spidershop: Not sure if this helps but perhaps you could set up a different “preview picture” on your page/post?

    When editing a page or a post with CleanCut, on the right hand side you will notice a Post Thumbnail Option menu.

    Basically you upload a different image (or in your case, a cropped version of the original image showing only the section that you want) and insert it on your page/post from that side menu section to get a different preview thumbnail on your portfolio items.

    Our CleanCut “documentation file” has more instructions under section B-10 (How to create entries and use preview images).


    Thanks prsol for this hint.


    Would it be possible to add the CleanCut feature to Newscast? I hate that WordPress centers the thumbnail and I’m stuck with an ugly looking post.

    Love the product.



    As far as I know Newscast offers the post thumbnail options too. You can find them in your post/page editor on the right sidebar.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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