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    My website is I have an external blog that currently paginates correctly BUT, it shows full entries rather than summaries. I’d like it to show short summaries of the blog posts rather than the entire thing.

    Can someone tell me how to change my settings to make this happen?



    you can use the read more tag/quicktag to mark the excerpt:

    Use it like:

    and I told him that he should get moving or I'd be
    on him like a limpet. He looked at me with shock on
    his face and said


    more content....


    Hi there

    This doesn’t work if you use the template builder.

    I want to have some text at the top of a page and then the blog entries for a certain category listed below. It loets me add in the ‘blog’ element and allows me to choose the category but the whole article shows and this is huge. I only really want the same as you’d get if you looked at a category list.

    Any ideas on how I could limit how much of each article shows when using the blog element?



    Can you post a link to your website please?


    Thanks! I didn’t realize this is what the “more” short code did. I appreciate the information.


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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