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    I’d like to have it to where when you click on the video thumbnail/play button, the video always opens as it does when you click the title (AJAX popup overlay thingy – not lightbox).

    So if this makes any sense, I want the whole slideshow-overlay/slideshow_media_wrap div to have the same link as the portfolio-title title_container.



    Add this on your custom.css or Quick cSS

    .slideshow_media_wrap > a {
    z-index: 10 !important;

    .slideshow_media_wrap > iframe {
    z-index: 0 !important;

    .comboslide .slideshow_overlay {
    width: 50px;
    height: 50px;
    margin: auto auto;
    filter: alpha(opacity = 70);
    pointer-events: none;




    That worked to open the links how I want to, but now the larger video thumbnail is an unresponsive item.

    If its not too much, it’d be ideal if the YouTube video embed just appeared when the ajax single page opened like it does now. Instead of loading the thumbnail with play button overlay again.


    Hi tlow87,

    With videos, there are really only the two options without a new feature needing to be added or customizing how the portfolio items are generated.

    So you can have a preview image assigned to the video (clicking on the media icon after putting in the link) or just insert the url and let the iframe generated by the url be the preview.




    I get that, but with the workaround Ismael provided there’s still a problem loading the video on the AJAX page. Please take a look:

    Click on a video, bringing up the item – but the video is now unable to playback.


    That wasn’t that clear.

    I like how it opens, but I would just like the video to autoplay once clicked and opened in AJAX thingy.


    Since parameters can’t be passed to the video url it doesn’t allow for autoplay in one instance and not the other. Put another way, we can’t interact with the video separately when its loaded in the ajax portfolio vs when its just the thumbnail.


    Gotcha! Okay so back to the original request:

    Can I have the video portfolio item open in AJAX everytime, instead of playing in the small portfolio item box?

    Ismael’s got me close, but the videos weren’t clickable or would load once the AJAX single item was pulled up.



    So when a visitor clicks on the portfolio thumbnail item do you want the video to open up in a lightbox (since what’s the point of loading ajax if it sounds like for videos you want them opened up in a good sized window and start playing?

    or do you want to click on portfolio thumbnail do you want the ajax to open up and then they click on the video and instead of playing embedded in the page it start playing in the lightbox?

    Because those are on the feature request list for Enfold that Kriesi is going through (check stick note in the Enfold forum for a full list). But for now to hold you over what can be done is boosting the size of the embedded video after the ajax portfolio item opens up. There is enough room to make it 790px width and if you reposition the little sidebar with song info under the video lets say , can expand the video even more. For example like this ->




    I like having the ajax window so I can display the extra meta info on the right of the video.

    But – in the “OEM” mode, no edits – if you were to click the title of a video item, it would load the ajax but have the Vimeo player already loaded, waiting to press play.

    I want to have that occur – so that once the thumbnail’s are clicked they’ll open in ajax with the Vimeo player loaded – not having to click the thumbnail again to start the video.


    No, not in a way that will keep everything working cross browser or without additional bugs. It would need to be done as an additional feature for the video/iframe items to be done correctly and without eventual further issues.



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