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    I would like to use the full length of the page for playing video.

    HD video are in widescreen and right now the description of the video is on the right side and make the video very small

    can we have it below so the video will be bigger like the new vimeo ?



    Hi again

    Another question concerning the post right nw when i click on a portfolio item i have this :

    : Creating default object from empty value in
    on line

    Another one : when a reload a pages the effect over the images disappear


    No solution to my Warning problem ?



    I was unable to reproduce your issue – do you have any plugins installed? When we establish where the errors are coming from we can have a look at the Vimeo video size.


    Nop deactivated all the plugin. still the same ..


    Really more then 1 day to answer me ?

    Guys seriously you sell a product online so make it works, or help me to make it better

    but 1 week since a post this message and my web site is still not working ….

    Warning error, preview broken, very slow ….


    Hey! to increase the size of the portfolio entries you can use this solution:

    Its a very easy CSS only way to push the portfolio content bellow the image and make the image/video fulwidth is as follows:

    in layout.css search for:

    search for

    .ajax_slide .flex_column.two_third {
    min-height: 1px;

    and change it to:

    .ajax_slide .flex_column.two_third {
    min-height: 1px;
    width: 100%;

    .ajax_slide .flex_column.one_third {
    margin: 20px 0 0 0;
    width: 100%;

    Your other problem should be fixed with the latest theme update. please re download the theme from themeforest and update the files mentioned in the version.txt file that comes with the download

    I am very sorry for the delay, we are currently a little overwhlemed with the success of the theme and the support requests that are a direct result :/



    Thank you for your answer.

    I made the update : the loading is still slow.

    As you can see on my web site the warning error is still there.

    The fullwidth video is nice but the text stay on the left side.

    I insert a widget with links on my contact page and the links don’t work.


    i’m sorry but my web site is not working.

    Please can i have a answer for the warning problem.

    Sometimes when a reload a page the header disappear.

    Not cool


    The theme doesn’t present any of the issues you’re experiencing to me.

    Something must have gone wrong when you installed the theme or the WordPress installation.

    I can only suggest you start with a clean installation of both WordPress or at least the theme, you can reset WordPress and upload a new, clean and untouched version of the theme.


    I didn’t wait for you to re-install everything.

    20 days to have this answer i’m sorry guys but this is not acceptable. I bought a new theme i give you the adress because this is the same style, faster and no error, in case you need inspiration..

    As you can see on my site i don’t use yours anymore, but i would like a refund how it works ?



    I am sorry that you feel this way and we know that the theme has some issues but it was updated several times now to remove all the problems and improve the performance and it works fine for others who updated the theme.

    Therefore I am not sure if envato will take a refund in consideration but you can of course try, simply by writing a support ticket here:

    Best regards


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