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    Hello! I really like this theme so far, but I’m having difficulty understanding how to link some stuff. Here goes:

    If you take a look at the Slideshow-Frontpage-demo, I’ve got everything set up to look like this, but on this page, I would like the 4 Portfolio-thumbnails to all link directly to a 2-column Portfolio, instead of when clicked, opening up the description-box.

    In the Slideshow-Frontpage-demo, the 4 portfolio images popup in Lightbox since they are linked to an actual .jpg, and I want to do the same but instead of linking to the .jpg, I want it to go to another page instead (whole portfolio). What’s important though is that when I’m actually on my 2-column portfolio page, the images open with the description boxes.

    In other words:

    The portfoliothumbs on the frontpage = open another page instead of description/popup jpg

    The whole portfoliopage showing all my work = images open with description box.

    I managed to make the Slideshow link to another page, using the “Apply link to image”-function for all images in the slideshow, but since the Portfolio content isn’t an actual PAGE but rather just uploaded images, whenever I use the “Apply link to image”-function, the description box still pops up and the image that shows up above is the one that recieves these settings.

    Regards and keep up the good work!


    Hi dcambrand,

    Unfortunately there isn’t really an easy way to achieve what you are looking to do. You can change the links for the portfolio thumbnails to a manual link, but then it will change that link every time you view the portfolio item on any page. The same thing if you modify the code to change the portfolio item link. Its the same loop called every time you call a portfolio in any form.

    You would need to create your own custom index.php to do what you are looking for which isn’t something we can do for you as support. If you are familiar with php and css you can definitely get it accomplished with a bit of time and tweaking.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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