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    I am using the Custom Buttons shortcodes on a page and see from the live page on the themedemo site that you can hover over the Big Button and it looks like it can link through to something else obviously. When I look at the code though, there is no indication of where to put the link. I have tried wrapping the button code in a button shortcode but this breaks it. I can’t see anything in the css either. Any input?




    This is the shortcode.

    [button link="YOUR LINK HERE" text="grey"]Click me![/button]




    Ah fantastic thanks Ismael! :-)

    This would be really useful as part of the shortcodes page :-)




    Hi Alana,

    Glad that we could help. :)




    Can u post the shortcodes for different button sizes…Also for changing button background and text color?

    My magic wand is having a script conflict and would liek to manually enter button shortcodes into site



    Hi thorsky:

    You can try these shortcodes:

    [button link="" size="small" color="#000" text="light"]Small[/button]

    [button link="" color="#ccc" text="dark"]Medium[/button]

    [button link="" size="large" border="#000" text="grey"]Large[/button]

    [button link="" size="xl" color="#f00" text="light" class="someClass" window="yes"]ExtraLarge[/button]

    size values has 4 colors: small, large or xl (if size=”xxx” is removed, by default it is set to medium)

    color represents the button color

    text represents the text color and has 3 values: light, dark or grey

    class can be used if you want to change the button’s properties via custom.css

    window=”yes” allows you to open in new window/tab

    Hope this helps.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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