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    Hello again,

    Is it possible to make the backgroung image scroll down as the user scrolls. Similar to ? It looks as if he has one top header image, a centre colour and a footer image. Is this possible?

    I’m looking to add a long background image. I’ll show you the site once It’s complete.



    Here’s a link to my site to see what I mean.


    when you add a background to your site under the “appearance > background” settings, it’ll say under display options and then next to “repeat” make sure “no repeat” is selected and then just make sure “fixed” is selected right underneath


    i dont think you can add 3 different bg images though, but i dont know. my guess would be just make a long bg image like you said and see how it comes out. after a certain amount of blog posts, the theme will automatically use pagination so at least like that you can control the length of the bg


    Excellent! Thanks. Found it.

    I’ll try the long background image method

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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