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    Hi !

    I want to make the Archive Page template same as Shop Overview Page.

    Shop Overview Page –

    Archive Page –

    Please suggest the necessary steps.

    Thanks, SA



    Did you mean that you want your Archive page with the left sidebar?

    If this is what you want you can edit the Archive page then look for “Overwrite default Post Layout” and choose “left sidebar”. :)




    Hi Ismael,

    what I want is,

    > Left Sidebar,

    > 3 column product layout (as i have in my shop overview page)

    Regards, SA


    Hi SA,

    Let’s see if this does the trick for you. Go to Propulsion > Template Builder and create a new dynamic template. On the side, click on the new template’s name then under “Dynamic Template Page Layout” select Left Sidebar. Under “Add Elements” select Products from the list and click the green button. Once Products is added click the down arrow and complete your setup.

    Save your changes then go to Pages > Your archive page. Once there in Page Attributes box select Default Template under “Template” then go to the Layout box select Dynamic Template from under “Overwrite default Post Layout” then the new template you created under “Dynamic Template”.

    Hope this helps!




    Great instructions, Mya, thanks.



    Glad Mya could help.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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