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    Hi there Team Kriesi,

    Just recently purchased the Choices Theme and I am very pleased with it!

    After using a few other Premium Themes I can tell this is the best for me by far.

    So you have my compliments for the good work!

    I had no issues until now;

    In the template builder I have added the portfolio to the homepage.

    Now, on the homepage I have 8 portfolio thumbs wich can be clicked. The image effect is what I like.

    After clicking on one of them, it starts loading and then shows a preview of the post in the homepage.

    This preview contains the image on the left and the text on the right. This is also very cool.

    Once I open the portfolio itself, it is also shown ” image left + text right”. Thats a pity to me.

    –> How would I get the portfolio get to look like a normal page? There doesn’t seem to be a “full-width-template” for a portfolio.

    –> And once that is solved: can I add a portfolio item to the menu? A post can be assigned to the menu, so why not the portfolio.

    This method uses portfolio items as pages… a full-width image in the slider with text below.

    I could use a post, add it to the menu etc. But that way I have no portfolio on the homepage and also no preview on the home page like I described above.

    Hope you can help me get going!

    Thanks in advance “und bis zum Naechsten Mal”.



    Hi Aerdvark,

    You can modify the single portfolio page fairly easily. In the theme files open includes>loop-portfolio-single.php .

    You can make the page have the visual editor content below the slideshow and meta data by following the steps here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -page?replies=2#post-95283

    The first set of steps in that topic are for the ajax portfolio and the ones I linked to are for the second step.

    If you want to move it all below, you would look for the following in that includes>loop-portfolio-single.php:

    <div class="eight units alpha min_height_1">

    <?php if($slider->slidecount) echo $slider->display(); ?>


    <div class="four units entry-content">

    Change it to:

    <div class="twelve units alpha min_height_1">

    <?php if($slider->slidecount) echo $slider->display(); ?>


    <div class="twelve units entry-content">




    Thank you Devin, it is working great!

    Last step is how do I make the portfolio a menu item?

    –> can I add a portfolio item to the menu? A post can be assigned to the menu, so why not the portfolio?

    Or am I missing something in your explaination?

    Thanks in advance, regards,



    You’ll need to add a custom link and then use the URL for that menu item.

    You can add categories by turning on that box but not specific portfolio items.




    Thanks for the quick reply! It is much appreciated.

    I can get along now and will return in case of new trouble :-)



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