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    I just updated to 3.2.1 and have some weird issues. Inside any page/post editor I have the following problems:

    – Cannot edit the “Status” “Visibility” or “Published On” When I click on these, I see the url change at the top, but nothing happens.

    – Media uploader will only open randomly and only works with a double click. When it does open, it refreshes the page and looks like this: (instead of the shadowbox that usually pops up on top of the page).

    I am running WP Multi-site with CleanCut Theme. I disabled all plug-ins and still had these problems. Any idea what’s causing this?



    I’m sorry guys, I didn’t know that Kriesi had released a cleancut update that could be downloaded on If anyone else has similar issues, update your JS folder in the cleancut theme and you should be fine!


    Glad that the update solved the problem :)


    “update your JS folder in the cleancut theme and you should be fine! “

    I’m a WP newbie. I have downloaded the version of CC that is available at Themeforest. If I reinstall the theme files, won’t it overwrite the existing site? All my changes lost?

    How to you simply update the JS folder mentioned above?

    I’m doing this so I can upgrade from WP 3.0.4 to 3.2.1

    Thanks for any help.


    I’m the guy above… my website is WP 3.0.4 – After reading additional issues with the upgrade, I’m thinking I just need to know how to upgrade the JS folder mentioned above? IF I can find it and IF I’m right. Thanks for being helpful.



    The themeforest download package contains a file called version.rtf – it’s a changelog and tells you which files were modified. If you didn’t modify the theme files just replace the old files with the new ones (you can also delete the old files and upload the new ones). If you modified files just replace the files mentioned in version.rtf to update the theme files.


    Thanks Dude, GREAT service.

    The only challenge for a newbie is finding the files in the forest. I think I’m up to it, but knowing you’re there gives me courage. I’ll give it a go and report back.




    Quick question. The deed is ALMOST done.

    In the files below from the rtf doc, I believe I only needed to do 5 replacements, Three files and two folders. I assume the file js/custom.js and style.css from the Ver. 1.2.1, I has all the past 1.2 upgrades. Right?

    The others are two replacement files and two folders.

    I could not find the file: framework/fonts/cufon.js in the upgrade package, so I was not able to make that improvement. There was no framework/fonts/ folder?

    Instead of replacing style.css I just edited the server version to indicate the 1.2.1 update. Is that sufficient?

    Version 1.2.1 File Updates:

    REPLACED: file: js/custom.js fixes a IE 9 issue with preloading images

    COULD NOT FIND: file: framework/fonts/cufon.js fixes a IE9 issue with font displaying

    EDITED VER NUMBER ON SERVER:: file:style.css: version number

    Version 1.2 File Updates:

    file: style.css: changed version number

    file: js/custom.js changed plugin aviaslider to fix internet explorer “white dots bug”

    file: js/custom.js changed function my_lightbox to guarantee jquery 1.5 compatibility

    REPLACED: folder: js/prettyphoto: updated prettyphoto to latest version for wordpress 3.1 compatibility

    REPLACED: folder: framework/shortcodes/ improved various shortcodes


    It seems to be a wrong file path – cufon.js is located in the js folder ( js/cufon.js ). I think Kriesi mixed up the upgrade instructions for Avisio with the CleanCut instructions (the frameworks are very similiar though). It’s ok to replace the version number only :)


    Dude… Upgrade done.

    Is there a way to sign up for automatic notification about CleanCut upgrades? Themeforest didn’t seem to say what the version was that was available for download. I can check back to this forum, but it would be nice if it was easier.

    Thanks so much for the navigation help. You made it easy for me to boldly go….




    Kriesi announces updates on twitter:!/Kriesi

    We can’t use WPs automatic update system at the moment and Envato/Themeforest doesn’t offer a notification service. However maybe we can look into solutions like newsletters, etc.


    Newsletters about updates would be GREAT!

    I own 4 of Kriesi’s themes now.

    Hope the newsletter gets set up.

    I’ll definitely opt-in.

    Mike C


    We’re looking into things to notify our users :)

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