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    I’m using Abundance, version 1.9. plugin WooCommerce, WooCommerce German Market.

    Problem at the shopping step: [woocommerce_de_check] (particular to the WooCommerce German Market plugin) the shown and loaded data (address and shopping cart amount) is not that of the current customer but the previous customer.

    Wrong data is loaded, shopping process cannot be finished.

    Please advice for help, urgently because the site is online. (all the testing went flawless).


    Kind regards,




    Abundance does not “hack” or affect the checkout process in any way. If you think the theme is the culprit please switch to the standard WP theme (TwentyTwelve) – if the issue still persists it’s probably a plugin bug of the German Market plugin and you should report it to Inpsyde:


    Hello Dude,

    I did already test it with a standard theme (TwentyTwelve) with the result the problem disappears. I also tested with Abundance 1.8 and then also there was no problem. And yes, I already spoke to the developer of German Market plugin and they see no mistakte on there side.

    Please I need some advice here. Thanks.




    I just tested the checkout on my test servers and it worked just fine. You might want to try to re-install WooCommerce, German Market & Abundance (v1.9 and use an unmodified version of the theme). Also try to deactivate & reactivate all plugins.

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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