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    I am looking for suggestion on the CSS / pseudo code that maintains the top-level parent background when you are scrolling down its sub-menu with the mouse. On most of the Kriesi menus, whether you color the text on hover or apply a background on hover, you lose the color or background when you hover that particular top-level parent’s sub-menu. I would like to maintain the background on the top-level parent in question when the hover is over the sub-menu of that parent.

    I tried different pseudo-code including this one, “.jqueryslidemenu > ul > .current-menu-ancestor a + .main_menu ul.sub-menu a {background-color: #B9B56B; } ” and it did not work. Your ideas are appreciated.



    Kriesi Team:

    Haven’t heard back from anyone so I’m sending this heads-up.

    I thought I’d get your thoughts about the menu system, too. I’ve been developing with Propulsion for a couple of weeks. I like it a lot. With all the styling touches Kriesi adds to his themes I find the dropdown menu that appears in the smallest resolutions to be out-of-character with his usual creativity. Honestly, the vertical menus in Theme Blvd’s Swagger Responsive theme or their Breakout theme on Mojo Themes are so much more in keeping with what I’ve seen with the style of Kriesi’s themes. Please consider some enhancements to the menu system. That said, the theme is solid.

    Please provide some thoughts on my original question.

    Thanks, TDR


    Kriesi Team:

    I don’t know why this support thread has fallen through the cracks. It does touch on a useability challenge with the Propulsion theme.

    Ordinarily you can depend on a Kriesi theme to have a breadcrumbs feature to augment the main navigation menu. Even the Abundance WooCommerce theme offers it. But there is no such feature with Propulsion. I guess it could have something to do with it being a responsive design and all. Well, Kriesi navigation menus ordinarily do not maintain a background color or other distinction indicating where a user is in the navigation tree. The further down the navigation tree you are the more you’re lost. When site visitors are shopping you do not want them to have a sense of not knowing where they’re at. That’s one of the ways a site visitor gets derailed from the purchase path.

    What can be done about this? If a breadcrumbs feature is not practical for a responsive design like Propulsion then, I believe, steps to further illuminate a site visitor’s location in the navigation tree should be considered. The theme’s underline of the top level parent disappears when you going beyond first-level submenu pages. To start with how about some suggestions to keep the top-level parent highlighted throughout their respective submenus?

    Please advise.




    sorry for the delay, my fault.

    I wasn’t able to find a direct solution to the highlighting issue as, like you say some ancestor classes are used by multiple menu items, as goes for their sublevels. I’ll report this to Kriesi.

    Thank you for the insight.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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