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    Where would I need to edit the code in order to slide the “Additional Page Content” up to be even with the top of the testimonials?

    Picture reference:




    AirRocker, if you open the style.css file (in wp-content/themes/cleancut/) and remove line 1201, that will remove the padding above the “Additional Page Content” div.




    I have one more question regarding this section. Is it possible to make the text that says “About the Theme” the same thickness as the text that says “Testimonials”? Check the screenshot in my first post for reference. Thanks!



    You need to make 2 changes to achieve this:

    1.) Open up style.css and change this:

    #top .siteheading {
    padding:10px 0;


    #top .siteheading {
    font-size:34px; /* Adjusts size to match H1 */
    padding:10px 0;

    2.) Open up style1.css and change this:

    h1, h1 a{ color:#222; }
    h2, h2 a, #top .siteheading, #top .siteheading a{ color:#777; }

    to this:

    h1, h1 a{ color:#222; }
    h2, h2 a, #top .siteheading, #top .siteheading a{ color:#222; }

    Let us know if you need further help.



    Thanks James. That worked great.

    Back to the original alignment issue. I did remove the padding on line 1201 as Noah suggested. It brought it up a good bit, but still not as much as I would have liked. I even tried adding some negative padding with no success. Any idea how to raise that section up a bit more?



    You can’t use negative padding (the element itself would be hidden) so it isn’t valid CSS and browsers ignore it. You can however use negative margin to force the element to move outside its position relative to other elements.

    What’s the site URL? The heading should line up with the Testimonials section on the left if you’ve removed the padding.




    The URL is:

    It’s not that far off… But it doesn’t really seem perfectly aligned with anything in particular.

    Thanks for the help!


    Has anything been figured out on this issue?? I am having the same problem and tried the remedy above.

    Please Help


    Nevermind it is now working..



    Glad that you solved the problem :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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