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    Does anyone know if you can change the way the images show up in the posts on the main page? When it automatically puts them in it doesn’t scale them down and they look terrible. My only work around till now was to make sure i didn’t put an image before the break. However, we are now posting video podcasts and when they show up on the main page you only get a fraction of what’s really there. I can’t find any settings in the clean-cut options.

    our site:

    you can see what i mean right on the main page at the bottom.



    Are those images set us “Featured Images” or manually inserted images?




    They are manually inserted, but the the podcast episodes are automatically put in there by powerpress. I can’t really do anything about those. so all the videos are showing like you see them on the page now.


    Hi Matthew,

    If you have the option to disable the images for that plugin you could then manually add them in. Alternatively, you could edit the image output in the plugin.

    As for how to do this,we can’t offer support for third party plugins directly so you would need to check with the plugin author.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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