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    Hello all,

    When I installed Eunoia my main page slide show displayed my photographs at full resolution (roughly 2084 x 1600) and I absolutely LOVED the way it looked but unfortunately I had a problem where my photo galleries were displaying a question mark on the gallery thumbnail and weren’t changing from black and white to color when the cursor hovered over it. My solution was to delete the photographs from my media library and re-upload them. Then when I went back to the main page to re-add the new photographs to the slide show but I found it crops the image at the top and bottom – a major disappointment since I’m hoping to show potential clients examples of my work right from the main page.

    Please help!! My temporary website URL is listed below. I’m hoping to get this resolved so my site can go live by the end of the week.




    Your images look to be 1140 x 759 . How big are they when you upload them? Please install plugin and set gallery size to what you want it and have crop option as off . Regenerate the images (or re-upload them) using the plugin when you are done.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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