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    Please see my site.

    Note if you hover over the main menu item FIELD SERVICES, there is an issue that the sub menu background is transparent and so overlays the next main menu item. How can I change the background colour of the sub menu?

    Also note on the slider there are two issues with the caption titles on black background. 1. I want to adjust the line spacing of the caption text to single. 2. I want the main caption title to be Arial when it is featured. Currently it’s Times.

    Can you please give some direction? Thank you.


    Hello I still need some help please???



    Sorry for the late reply!
    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Corona theme options under Styling tab

    #top .main_menu ul {
        padding-top: 30px;
    .slideshow_caption .inner_caption * {
        font-family: arial!important;

    Can you please post a screenshot and show the line spacing changes you would like to make?

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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