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    Hi there,

    I´m trying to reduce the main menu padding left, so I changed the value left in .sidebar from 50px to 20px. It worked just fine, but when I press any link the main menu gets jumpy and comes back to the original position while loading.

    This is the page:

    Thanks a lot for your help! Great theme!


    Try to add




    Hi Loic84 and Martijn,

    The .sidebar already lists position as fixed so that’s been done. In my own testing, I had solved the issue at least for Firefox by adding -30px to left under .sidebar.sidebar_absolute. Unfortunately though Chrome still shows the jump.

    I’ve going tag other moderators to this post to see if they might have a solution.




    Thank you for your answer,

    Its working correctly in Safari as well. Let me know if you find a solution that works for the other browsers too.

    Thank you!!


    Hi Loic84,

    I don’t see the issue in Chrome on a windows 7 machine. Perhaps its mac only. I can’t think of what specifically would cause what you are describing on the OS specifically however.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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