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    I run Coalition theme as OnePagePronfolio. Links work ok just when I use latin chars, but when I try to use cyrillic, link become empty. I did not change a menu font. See

    For example:

    If I add element “Page section” and give it name “Contact”, link will display correctly as

    If I add element “Page section” and give it name “Конкурс” (cyrillic chars, russian language), link will display wrong (empty) as

    So, I see cyrillic chars are converted to empty when the theme creates links

    Any fast fix for that?



    Do you use custom fonts (Cufon fonts)? If yes please select “no custom font” in the theme option panel because the included fonts don’t support cyrillic chars.

    Best regards,



    Hi Dude,

    there are no such option :( neither in ‘Coalition -> ‘Theme Options’ nor in standart design settings.

    I wonder where can I set up fonts?


    Hi Lesssenka,

    I’m not sure. Dude is tagged to this thread so I’ll let him explain.




    My fault. Coalition does not offer such an option. In this case you need to edit the file maually. Open up C:xampphtdocswp-contentthemescoalitionincludesadminregister-styles.php and delete following code:

    'elements' => '.cufon_headings',
    'key' => 'cufon',
    'value' => avia_get_option('font_heading')


    Hi Dude,

    It does not work :( I deleted the piece of code, then I tried to change a default font. Even I use (for example) simple standart Courier as a default body font ( set in style.css ), cyrillic chars disappear from menu links. Maybe the problem is deeper than just font-family

    Can you provide another fix for that?


    Hi Lesssenka,

    I’m going to Kriesi as well as the rest of the support team to see if they may know of another cause/solution.





    I see that you’ve been able to correct the problem. Seems that the jQuery is having some issues with adding Cyrillic letters to the #hash and you solved that by using numbers.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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