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    Hi Guys,

    Just launched a ‘Display’ site that was developed locally in xampp.

    Everything is working fine except that the top menu is completely missing!?!

    Checked in the back-end and nothing is showing in Display Options/Display Manager.

    Had a look in the SQL table through PHPMyAdmin and it is all there and looks fine…

    Site is currently running at:

    Any ideas would be very helpful.




    The latest version of display (you can download through your Theme Forest Account) includes support for the WordPress Custom Menus.

    I would recommend using the Custom Menu over Kriesi’s menu manager :)



    Hi James,

    I have made quite a few changes to the theme files.

    If I update these with the new theme version it would all need doing again yes?

    Is it possible to download the new release and just update the file/s that would allow the WP Custom Menus support?



    Yes you need to modify all files again. Kriesi made major changes to the framework files and other php/js files. The only thing you can try is to use your “old” css files – you shouldn’t encounter any problems. If yes, you need to use the new css files too and modify them again. Sorry, but with WP3 major framework changes where needed to support all the new features.

    The Dude


    Hi Dude,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Was just strange that I have it working absolutely fine locally on my machine but not when live.

    Both are running the latest version of WordPress.

    You have any other ideas I could try before admitting defeat and upgrading the theme files?

    Many Thanks



    Something’s different between your local and live install. This could be down to server environment, a change in the code between the 2 or something in the database is different.

    Did you export / import the SQL from DB or install a fresh copy then import data?



    Hi James Morrison,

    I did an export/import of the SQL.




    The SQL import should have kept the options you already had – if you had used the WP importer it would have missed options which are theme specific.

    Display version 2.0 is available to download though you Theme Forest downloads page – I recommend updating to this version and using the Custom Menus (under Appearance) to create your menu.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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