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    Hi there,

    Is is possible to have the navigation bar on the left hand side to highlight each menu item when the mouse hovers over it – similar to when the mouse hovers over the sub-menu items?
    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    Hey therockisnow!

    Can you post the link to your website? It should be in different color by default


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    You are using Cufon instead of @font-face, please see this topic and use @font-face instead



    Hi Yigit,

    Thanks for the response.
    Unfortunately I am not an expert in CSS and don’t really understand the other post that you linked to.
    If you would be able to explain the steps – to keep one of the heading fonts in the Styling tab of the Theme whilst having the highlighting of the mouse hovering over the menu tabs – that would be great.



    In WordPress dashboard, please go to Flashlight theme options > Styling tab and choose “no custom font” in Heading Font section.
    You can take a look here for adding custom font to your theme here http://wpsites.net/web-design/fonts-wordpress/
    Also you can tell us which font family you would like to use and we can help you out.
    Then you can add following code to Quick CSS in Flashlight theme options under Styling tab to change the color of hover state of main menu

    a:hover, .widget .news-link:hover, #top .main_menu .menu a:hover strong {
    color: red;


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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