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    Not sure if this is a theme-specific error or just how 3.3 handles its main menu, but highlighted items on the main menu no longer highlight themselves correctly.

    please see:

    As you can see the first two menu items are constantly highlighted when on the homepage. If you browse to a sub-page within that menu structure the highlighting no longer works. The single-level menu items work perfectly however

    It is worth noting that the main menu headings are pseudo-items, and do not actually link to anything. I might try re-creating the main menu by hand to see if it fixes it.

    I’ve taken a backup pre-3.3 so I can always revert back to the previous version.

    Also, are there any issues you’re aware of with the new uploader design in relation to the ‘gallery’ / ‘portfolio’ system in your theme?

    Other that that, LOVING the theme! It was a significant step up from my last premium theme. This one is certainly deserving of its ‘Premium’ title.

    All the best




    I myself haven’t extensively tested the new WordPress yet so I have no idea what’s changed, for now it seems better to stick with the previous version of WP until Kriesi works out all the updates, themes are updated ASAP to function normally after a WP update. It seems strange that the menu item would suddenly change class like this – are you certain you haven’t installed any new plugins that might cause this? Most of the updates are usability updates so all the main functions should still be intact (thought I can’t tell for sure).


    Okay i’ve determined that this is not a theme-specific issue. There are other reports of this same issue when using Custom menu items: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -highlights-in-homepage

    I use non-clickable (no link associated) custom menu items to create menu structure.


    same problem here…

    any solution?


    Kriesi is aware of the problem and an update should follow soon.


    thanks :)


    i installed flashlight 1.4, but the problem hasn’t been solved…

    please do something or tell us if the problem is a wp problem and not a flashlight problem…


    Menu highlighting works under WP 3.3 and Flashlight 1.3, but not with Flashlight 1.4. Returned to 1.3.


    in my case, it doesn’t work in flashlight 1.3 and 1.4


    ok, the problem has been solved by WP 3.3.1…

    was a bug of WP :)


    Great. I’ll close the thread now :)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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